Melbourne, Bayside Real Estate Photography

Commercial Real Estate Photography



When you need high quality images for your real estate marketing campaign, we can deliver everything you need:

  • Stunning twilight shots
  • Elevated photography
  • Beautiful interiors


We can provide you with the photos you need to sell or rent commercial real estate, such as office spaces, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, factories and warehouses across Melbourne.

Building and Architectural Photography


Interior Design Photography


PixelWorx delivers high quality building and architectural photography throughout Victoria and across Australia.

The photography of your interior design projects is such an important marketing tool that it is vital to get it right. We have photographed many projects over the years, so we can create beautiful, evocative images that will help you sell your interior design services.

Resorts, Holiday Homes & Accommodation

Virtual Furniture & Staging

  • Successful holiday rentals start with the right image! High quality, professional photographs are crucial to getting people interested enough to book your holiday rental. Contact us to find out how we can make your property stand out from the crowd.
  • Professional day or dusk photography
  • Various images proofed for your selection

Nothing like applying some make up, or best dressed, to attract attention. Enter Virtual Staging. PixelWorx Images can make a vacant home appear fully furnished and styled using computer generated furniture, art, rugs, plants, and more.

Real estate agents want to be confident your presenting your houses and need to in the best possible and cost effective way.

Now you can hire furniture which is a great solution to marketing, however not everyone has a spare five grand to spend on hiring furniture for a month. Thus virtual furniture is the perfect low cost alternative.

When you use virtual furniture or virtual staging on your images, you are far more likely to attract more interest and more buyers which results in better selling prices and quicker sales.


Elevated Photography


Corporate Portraits

While many companies offer elevated photography most of their systems are attached to a car or a van, so they can only take an elevated shot of the front of the home. Some can also shoot between 15 or 20 metres from ground level. This is ideal for some homes, but very rarely in urban environments!

Our system is different. We are limited to a height of approximately 8 metres, but completely portable, so if we can walk anywhere on the property and shoot!

We can get into a backyard and shoot from the tennis court, or over the house and still get the sea or river view or simply move quickly and capture to three or four different angles!


Reflect your personality in your business portrait.

Through the careful use of lighting, subtle retouching and a relaxed, enjoyable sitting environment, we create commercial and personal portraits that your clients will warm to, and you will love.



If you have any questions or you would like to make a booking, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call on 0419 542 909 or (03) 8682 8839